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Christine Melhuish believes cooking regularly with her three-year-old granddaughter, Sasha, will not only provide cooking skills to last a lifetime, but it will also help to instil a healthy approach to food.

“I’m shocked by how many people don’t know how to cook,” says Christine, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, who’s been working for the past ten years with people battling with their weight. “There are so many young people in their twenties and thirties who just don’t have those life skills. It makes me sad.”

Christine learned to cook with her own mum, though she admits she’s refined her own recipe collection to include more fruit and vegetables and fewer cakes and pastries.

“I always have a bowl full of fruit in the house and I make as much from scratch as possible,” says Christine. “People don’t realise how many calories are in a jar of pasta sauce, or that it’s so easy and healthy just to make your own.”

Christine and Sasha took part in BIG Cookathon 2015.  Read their full story here.

  • Have a healthy Easter

    As soon as the Christmas decorations come down in the shops, the Easter eggs go on sale. Avoiding chocolate can be difficult, but at Easter it’s almost impossible. Instead of feasting on all your chocolate eggs at once, try melting them down melting them into a dip with our Fruit Kebabs, or give chocolate a rest and try making a batch of our Hot Cross Buns.

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