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Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Children's Food Trust BIG Cookathon 2015. More than 25,000 people registered to cook our Speedy Biryani. This week we're announcing the well deserved winners. Head to our BIG Cookathon page to see who's won a share of our £15,000 prize pool.

We hope the lasting impact of the BIG Cookathon will be that more families are cooking and eating together at home.  Cooking is a core life skill and our research shows that when people learn how to cook from scratch they make healthier food choices. It’s for all ages and abilities, it brings families and communities together, it’s great fun and it ultimately helps children eat better and do better.

If you enjoyed cooking our Speedy Biryani take a look at these lovely recipes and keep cooking and tweeting your photos to @childfoodtrust.

  • My favourite recipe is…. Salmon Dip, what’s yours?

    "My favourite recipe is Salmon Dip - my mummy says its quick and easy to make, and perfect for picnics. I like to get dippy with bread sticks, wholemeal toast, carrots sticks and slices of cucumber." Said Ollie, 1, from Rotherham.

    Tell us about your favourite recipe, email or tweet us @childfoodtrust with a picture of you and your favourite home cooked meal.

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