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Carrot vision

It’s dark by tea time! Will carrots help you see in the dark?  The short answer is no. Although they contain beta carotene - which is good for your eyes - their night vision reputation probably dates back to World War II propaganda. To keep radar technology secret, British bombers’ night raid success was attributed to eating lots of carrots! Don’t let old propaganda put you off – carrots are a source of important vitamins and dietary fibre, plus they’re cheap and taste great.

Brighten up the dark days with colourful dishes such as Winter Vegetable Stew, Carrots in Orange and Butter Parcels or Carrot and Coriander Soup.

  • St Andrew's Day 30 November

    You don’t get much more Scottish than shortbread, which was made popular by Mary Queen of Scots in the 16th century. This buttery treat is great to share while you celebrate everything else that Scotland is famous for on St Andrew’s Day.

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