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Originally from Uzbekistan, Sayyora now lives with her young family in Leeds and is exploring new flavours in the kitchen. With husband, Murod and sons  two-year old Diyor and Elyor, eight, to feed, Sayyora alternates between cooking traditional Uzbek meals and Western foods.

Sayyora, aged 27, said: “Now that Elyor eats school dinners at primary school he is getting used to a lot of different dishes that I didn’t eat while I was growing up – like spaghetti Bolognese and pizzas. 

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  • My favourite recipe is…. Lamb and Lentil Moussaka, what’s yours?

    “My daughter Frankie loves lamb dishes – so Lamb and Lentil Moussaka is a bit of a favourite in our house, and it’s a meal we all eat together. Now that she’s feeding herself it’s also an easy one for her to shovel with her spoon!” Said Claire Rick, 31, from Chester.    

    Tell us about your favourite recipe, email or tweet us @childfoodtrust with a picture of you and your favourite home cooked meal.


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